Three-Quarters of Recovered Coronavirus Patients Have Heart Damage

Of the 100 COVID-19 patients, 78 had structural changes to their hearts. Within that group, 76 had a biomarker that is typically found in patients who had a heart attack, and 60 had heart inflammation, called myocarditis. The patients were all “mostly healthy … prior to their illness,” the researchers said.

Does COVID-19 Cause Heart Rate Issues? Doctors Explain the Link

A man who says he had a “mild case” of COVID-19 several months ago just revealed that he’s still having heart issues following his recovery from the virus. Anthony Smith, vice president of digital media company NationSwell, shared his story in a Twitter thread that’s now gone viral.

COVID-19's Toll on the Heart

Other viruses can affect the heart, but experts say that COVID-19 can cause cardiac complications that are a major cause for concern, especially among those with preexisting heart disease. Although experts don't yet have conclusive data on the percentage of patients who have heart damage as a result of COVID-19 infections, estimates run as high as 25 or 30 percent.