COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool

Using this interactive map you can see the risk level of attending an event, given the event size and location. You can reduce the risk that one case becomes many by wearing a mask, distancing, and gathering outdoors in smaller groups.

COVID-19 United States Cases by County

Using this map you can get detailed information to the county level. Simply select the state and county from the menus on the top right corner of the map to get your answers.

Tracking Our COVID-19 Response by States in the US

This chart tracks each states progress towards its reduction in symptoms and cases, health system readiness and increased testing. Learn about the precent of test target, ICU occupied, number of cases per million per day and the COVID+ rate in the state

The COVID Racial Data Tracker

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t affecting all communities the same way. The COVID Racial Data Dashboard helps us track this inequity by publishing topline racial data compared with state demographic data.

Covkid National Data Dashboard

The purpose of the Coronavirus in Kids (COVKID) Tracking and Education Project is to monitor and compile epidemiologic surveillance data on COVID-19 in children and teens. We aim to present timely data in formats that are accessible and useful for clinicians, public health practitioners, policymakers, elected officials, and journalists.

Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19

This visualization provides weekly data on excess deaths by jurisdiction of occurrence. Counts of deaths in more recent weeks are compared with historical trends to determine whether the number of deaths is significantly higher than expected.

To understand the global pandemic, we need global testing

Without testing for COVID-19 we cannot know how many people are infected with the disease. And without this data we cannot know what is happening. That is why we are bringing together the available data on testing from countries around the world.