Single-use masks could be a coronavirus hazard if we don't dispose of them properly

Evidence has shown masks likely do reduce the spread of COVID-19, so wearing them is a good thing – particularly as Victoria continues to grapple with a second wave. But one conversation we’re not having enough is around how to safely dispose of single-use masks. Disposing of used masks or gloves incorrectly could risk spreading the infection they’re designed to protect against.

Symptoms for the Coronavirus

Here you find a list of symptoms caused by coronavirus. These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Additionally find emergency warning signs if you are infected and when you should be seeking medical help.

How to understand your coronavirus test results, from swabs to antibodies

Experts say testing is a vital component to controlling the outbreak, but one test result still isn’t a green light to visit vulnerable friends or family members. The nature of covid-19, the time it takes for someone to develop symptoms and the varied ways the virus affects people make each test a snapshot in time more than a definitive answer.

The next COVID-19 challenge: Convincing people to get flu shots

Public health officials, doctors and pharmacists who have struggled for decades to convince Americans to get the flu shot are warning it is now more important than ever to get vaccinated as the U.S. faces a potential second wave of COVID-19 in the fall.

How secure are contact tracing apps?

Most discussion on contact tracing apps is centered around the issue of privacy, so one of my roles has been to shed light on the underlying security issues that may make it easier for attackers to tamper with contact tracing apps and potentially breach privacy on a massive scale.

Everything You Need to Know About Antibody Testing Now

While it’s likely people develop some immunity after being infected with the coronavirus, experts still don’t know whether you need a certain amount of antibodies to fight off another infection. And even if you do have the right amount, it also isn’t clear yet how long its protection lasts.