The Doctor Behind the Disputed Covid Data

Dr. Sapan Desai, who supplied the data for two prominent and later retracted studies, reported that anti-malaria drugs like hydroxychloroquine, which President Trump promoted, were linked to increased deaths of Covid-19 patients. The now-tainted studies helped sow confusion and erode public confidence in scientific guidance when the nation was already deeply divided over how to respond to the pandemic.

Misleading Hydroxychloroquine Video, Pushed by the Trumps, Spreads Online

In a video posted Monday online, a group of people calling themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors” and wearing white medical coats spoke against the backdrop of the Supreme Court in Washington, sharing misleading claims about the virus, including that hydroxychloroquine was an effective coronavirus treatment and that masks did not slow the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus Drug and Treatment Tracker

Below is an updated list of 19 of the most-talked-about treatments for the coronavirus. While some are accumulating evidence that they’re effective, most are still at early stages of research. We also included a warning about a few that are just bunk.

Lancet, NEJM retract Covid-19 studies that sparked backlash

The Lancet, one of the world’s top medical journals, on Thursday retracted an influential study that raised alarms about the safety of the experimental Covid-19 treatments chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine amid scrutiny of the data underlying the paper.

Will an old malaria drug help fight the coronavirus?

Dr's warn that even though the study with Hydroxychloroquine has been promising, we have to be careful before raising hope when it comes to a virus as new as this one, for which we don't have a lot of data.