What happens when flu meets Covid-19?

The real unknown is what Covid-19 does around other viruses. Every autumn there is a predictable series of outbreaks of respiratory viruses. It starts with rhinovirus, the main cause of the common cold, which breaks out every September as young children go to school and swap mucus. As no parent needs to be told, children are to sniffles what mosquitoes are to malaria.

Draft report predicts coronavirus cases will reach 200,000 a day by June 1

This is a report from a leaked government report. Its is not sure how these predictions are made, and whether it is because of reopening. The white house officials have been relying on other models (than CDC) to make decisions on reopening. The estimates here are based on premature relaxation of restrictions.

Predictive power of mathematical modelling and the risk of a second wave

Neuroscientist Karl Friston, of University College London, builds mathematical models of human brain function. Lately, he’s been applying his modelling to Covid-19. He says, our approach, which borrows from physics and in particular the work of Richard Feynman, goes under the bonnet. It attempts to capture the mathematical structure of the phenomenon – in this case, the pandemic – and to understand the causes of what is observed.