COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool

Using this interactive map you can see the risk level of attending an event, given the event size and location. You can reduce the risk that one case becomes many by wearing a mask, distancing, and gathering outdoors in smaller groups.

Does Social Distancing Matter

This paper develops and implements a method to monetize the impact of moderate social distancing on deaths from COVID-19. It measures the number of deaths saved with the united states governments value of statistical life and finds that mortality benefits of social distancing is 18 trillion dollars

Does Chlorine Kill Coronavirus? What You Need To Know About Summer Pool Trips

Infectious disease physician and vaccination specialist Dr. Jonas Nilsen tells Romper that while The Centers for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) has put out a mandate stating that "the chance of COVID-19 to manifest in swimming pools, spas, jacuzzis, etc. is very low as they are treated with chlorine and bromine," it's the lack of social distancing in and around the pools that is dangerous.

Can’t I please just visit one friend?

The University of Washington created a model that illustrates how visiting one person outside your immediate household could contribute to the overall transmission of the disease.