Substance use disorder increases risk of severe Covid-19

Looking at the records of over 73 million patients in the US, of whom 12,033 had Covid-19, the study found those who had recently been diagnosed with a substance use disorder were significantly more at risk of Covid-19 than the average population.

More adults have died from dementia during the Covid-19 pandemic

More people have died from the pandemic than initially reported. Looking at the excess deaths in the US during the first five months of the Pandemic we find excess deaths as a result of heart disease, alzheimer's and dementia not directly related to coronavirus.

UK still supports coronavirus lockdown, new Ipsos survey shows

Brits express more apprehension about easing the lockdown than any other major country, according to a recent Ipsos MORI poll that surveyed some 28,000 people across 14 different countries. That includes places like the US and Italy, which have both a higher number of Covid-19 deaths and confirmed coronavirus cases.

How to help others if you’ve recovered from Covid-19

If you have recovered from Covid-19 you can give blood. Hospitals are beginning to collect blood plasma from recovered patients. Plasma therapy delivers antibody-packed plasma for recovered patients to those still fighting infection.